En kapteins beretning: flyvning fra London til Tokyo

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Denne siden kan inneholde links til partnere som støtter oss hvis du handler fra dem.

En kapteins beretning om en flyvning fra London til Tokyo. Det er nettopp dette Mark Vanhoenacker har skrevet en lenger artikkel om i The New York Times.

Artikkelen handler om hvordan turen i forsetet på en British Airways Boeing 747 er. Et av mine favorittavsnitt fra artikkelen er dette:

A quarter of an hour later we reach the runway. I push the four thrust levers forward for an experience that repetition hasn’t dulled: the unfurling carpet of guiding lights that say here, the voice of the controller that says now; the sense, in the first seconds after the engines reach their assigned takeoff power, that this is only a curious kind of driving down an equally curious road.

But with speed comes a transition, the gathering sense that the wheels matter less and the flight controls on the wings and the tail matter more. In the cockpit we sense the airplane’s speed-born life to come in the air, we feel clearly that long before we leave the ground we are already flying along it, and as the lights of the runway start to alternate red and white to indicate its approaching end, as the four rivers of power that equal nearly a quarter of a million pounds of thrust unfurl over the runway behind us, I lift the nose.

As if we are only pulling out of a driveway, I turn right, toward Tokyo.

Hele artikkelen kan du lese her, på The New York Times nettsider!

BF - Boeing 747 - Cockpit View - Night

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